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The Truth About Worship
July 27, 2018 Crisie Hutchings
We are in the midst of a worship revolution in the earth. The church is singing and gathering together to encounter God is amazing ways all over the earth. We are hearing of people encountering the presence of God in ways that are bringing healing, opening blind eyes and amazing miracles all happening during worship services, arenas conferences. It’s unprecedented in our time. At the same time, worship is becoming a buzzword and place of prominence and glorification that I don’t think I’ve seen in my lifetime so much so that I believe it’s taking on a persona that we have to be careful not to worship worship or resign it to one type of experience. In this case, relegating worship to a song service or an "encounter" is a dangerous zone to live in because, then what happens to worship once the service is over or we walk out of the encounter? Encounters are necessary and God uses them, just ask Moses, but even He experienced the truth of worship that delivered an entire nation and kept him faithful to God and to His people when in the most trying of circumstances. If our worship of God does not carry us beyond a platform or arena, then we must question if we truly worship. In my study of worship over the last 20 years, I’ve found three encounters of worship from scripture that have totally revolutionized the way I walk with God and keep me grounded when the sights that I see tempt to sway me to define worship by one thing or one idea.
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